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July 22, 2020
Updated 12/4

Southbury Plaza's Kmart store closed in 2017. Shoppers could visit the nearby Watertown, CT location until recently, but it met the same fate several months ago. Nevertheless, the discount chain's customers still have the option to order merchandise from

The website has undergone a few major changes since the COVID-19 crisis began. It currently prioritizes item-specific discounts rather than the once-ubiquitous weekly promotions that supplied extra reward points when buyers spent a certain amount of cash.

The online selection differs from that of Kmart stores. Examples of goods available for shipping include coffee creamer, Reese's miniatures, toothpaste, foam tape, Scott bath tissue, Scotch Brite sponges, Scotch bubble mailers, Bounty napkins and Swiffer refills.

Customers can also order longer-lasting merchandise. The options range from Cannon sheets to flashlights, furnishings, electric shavers and Essential Home cookware. These tips may help readers locate desired products and minimize the total cost:

1. Visit the "Deals" page and click its "Kmart only" tab to view details on current sales. You'll probably see a "$5 off $50" pop-up when searching for products; to qualify, you will need to sign up to receive email messages from the retailer.

2. Perhaps because of higher transport costs triggered by COVID-19 or longer shipping distances due to fewer locations, Kmart has stopped offering free delivery. Fortunately, the S/H fees on two or more items have generally decreased since it introduced this change.

It often costs $6.49 to ship one product but only $7.49 for several items. Example: $7.49 S/H on 16 oz. peanuts, a 6-pack of Hershey's bars, Jif 28 oz. peanut butter, Folger's instant coffee, two packages of food storage bags, four "D" batteries and two picture frames.

A higher quantity of one product may raise the shipping expense slightly or not at all. For instance, you might pay $7.49 to ship two units rather than $6.49 for one. Lighter things sometimes incur higher fees than heavy items, so distance is probably a factor.

3. There have been a few intermittent technical issues lately. Try going to a category page first when you have trouble searching from the homepage. You might see an error message if you look for a specific vacuum bag; search for "Kenmore vacuum bags" instead.

4. When you have difficulty logging into or want to redeem points for consumables like food, paper products or office supplies, use Logging into SYW automatically logs your internet device into and as well.

Hopefully, this advice will help you find what you need and complete the shopping process as easily and affordably as possible. Please be sure to check out the ad below for an excellent source of free printable coupons that you can use when shopping in-store:

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